Frequently Asked Questions – Ansered by Staff at Our Scrap Yard in Crawley | East Grinstead Metal Recycling

Why do I need to bring photo identification?

This is a stipulation laid out in the Scrap Metals Dealers Act, which looks to help scrap yards and scrap metal merchants run a tight ship. Recording your details and checking photo I.D is a means of deterring thieves and other nefarious parties from selling misbegotten items that contain scrap copper or scrap lead; we apply these same measures to the purchase of fixtures like uPVC doors and uPVC windows from Crawley clients.

What forms of payment do you offer?

Again, due to the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, we are obliged to offer payment in the form of cashiers cheques or instant bank transfer. Cash payments are no longer legal, and we urge any clients in Crawley to reconsider using scrap yards and scrap metal merchants who still offer them. They are typically unscrupulous and you're likely to get ripped off, as well as put yourself at risk over legal action and fines - and all when you could use a company that will pay top dollar for scrap copper, scrap lead and things like scrap UPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors - like East Grinstead Metal Recycling.

What types of metal can be recycled?

Most types of metal can be recycled, including ferrous (iron and steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, scrap copper, scrap lead, brass, etc.) metals. Beyond metal, our scrap yard / scrap metal merchant accepts scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors from Crawley clients.

Why bother recycling scrap metal?

Some of the core benefits associated with scrap metal recycling, include:

  • Reduces waste and keeps resources in the ground
  • Saves energy used in primary production
  • Creates jobs and supports the economy, including the local economy around Crawley
  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions

How can I find a scrap metal recycler in the UK?

You can find scrap metal recyclers – such as scrap yards or a scrap metal merchant – through local directories, online directories, or by contacting your local council. You’ve likely found ours by Googling where you can sell scrap metal, scrap UPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors in Crawley!

What steps should I take to recycle my scrap metal?

  • Sort and separate different metal types – e.g split up scrap copper and scrap lead
  • Take your scrap metal to a reputable scrap yard or scrap metal merchant, like our own near Crawley.
  • Ensure the scrap yard / scrap metal merchant has a valid license and operates within environmental regulations
  • That’s it. You’re read to get paid for your scrap metal based on its weight and type.

What items can I recycle as scrap metal?

Common items that can be recycled as scrap metal include appliances, vehicles, machinery, and building materials. If you’re unsure about whether or not something will be accepted, check with your local recycler – e.g scrap yard or scrap metal merchant – for specific guidelines.

How is the value of scrap metal determined?

The value of scrap metal is determined based on its weight and type, as well as its grade. Non-ferrous metals typically have higher value due to their scarcity and high demand. A good scrap yard or scrap metal merchant – like East Grinstead Metal Recycling near Crawley – invests in sophisticated weighing and grading technology to ensure you get every penny you deserve for anything from scrap copper and scrap lead, to scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors.

Have a different question? Contact East Grinstead Metal Recycling, first amongst scrap yards and scrap metal merchants within easy reach from Crawley. Dial 01342 328 465 or 07305 925 283.