Scrap Metal Merchant in Dorking | East Grinstead Metal Recycling

On paper, making use of scrap metal merchants and scrap yards in Dorking is simple and straight forward. And should there be anything you are unsure about - e.g whether scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors are accepted at particular scrap yards, or what grade of scrap lead or scrap copper you have in your possession – should be eagerly answered by the staff there; this is certainly the case at East Grinstead Metal Recycling, and our team love to be able to share their expertise with domestic and commercial clients alike.

But there are a few pitfalls that could take the totally uninitiated by surprise. On this page, we look to identify some of these dos and don’ts, to ensure our Dorking clients get the most out of scrap yards and scrap metal merchants, even if they have a different partner they're currently choosing to sell scrap lead, scrap copper, scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors to.

Do check licencing and accreditation. To operate scrap yards and as scrap metal merchants, you must be licenced and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. It's their job to ensure operators in the industry are meeting particular quality standards. Choose an unregulated firm operating under the radar in Dorking, and you could get more than you bargained for when simply wanting some cash for scrap copper or scrap lead, scrap UPVC windows or scrap uPVC doors.

Licenced and accredited scrap yards and scrap metal merchants will always ask for photo ID and only ever pay by electronic transfer or cheque. Beware any company that's ignoring these regulatory measures. You may be dealing with a cowboy, and risk serious fines and legal action.

Don't underestimate the value of a small quantity of scrap metal. We've heard Dorking clients say they would have visited at a prior point, perhaps with a small quantity of scrap copper or scrap lead, or fixtures like uPVC windows and uPVC doors, but they didn't think the quantity made it worthwhile; they assume that scrap yards and scrap metal merchants are only interested in larger quantities. But this isn't true. Even smaller amounts could net you a generous payout, and in times where the cost of living is becoming tougher and tougher to bare, every little helps, as the adage goes.

Do arrange collection if you're struggling. On the subject of quantity, it might not always be possible to use your own vehicle to transport larger items containing scrap metal; or it might simply be that the scrap metal you have won't fit in your vehicle. Don't hesitate to contact scrap yards or scrap metal merchants to see if they offer a collection service. We offer one in the Dorking area, and all areas surrounding it, to help you offload difficult to manage batches of things like scrap copper and scrap lead, or larger fixtures like uPVC doors and UPVC windows.

Searching for a scrap metal merchant covering the Dorking area? Look no further than Eat Grinstead Metal Recycling. You can reach us on 01342 328 465 or 07305 925 283.