Common Sources of Scrap Metal in Godstone | East Grinstead Metal Recycling

Let's say you're on the look out for scrap metal. Perhaps you're in Godstone and gearing up for a move, and need a thorough cleanout so unwanted materials and items don't come to your new home or workspace, cluttering it up. Perhaps you're looking to visit a scrap yard or scrap metal merchant after a project concludes, and want to know what materials to keep to one side, helping offset the cost of the work and freeing up space from landfill. You're familiar with things that can be scrapped, such as scrap copper, scrap lead, and even fixtures like scrap uPVC windows and uPVC doors.

But you want to ensure that everything that needs gone, and can be recycled, will be included in the load we receive. So below, we've listed a few common locations that scrap metal can be found in domestic and commercial properties throughout Godstone. Once you have it all together and ready to sell, call East Grinstead Metal Recycling, first choice amongst scrap metal merchants and scrap yards operating in the Godstone area.

Scrap Copper - When people think of scrap copper they think of electrical wiring, which fetches a high price at a scrap yard and scrap metal merchant. But this isn't the only source you should keep an eye out for during work in the Godstone area. Other sources include household plumbing, statues and decorative items, household appliances, roofing materials, in old electrical items and computers, and kitchen items.

Scrap Lead – Some of the most common sources of scrap lead Godstone residents bring to scrap yards and scrap metal merchants, include wheel weights, recovered shot, ballast lead. Solder wire, lead acid batteries and catalytic converters – both by themselves and with vehicles that are being scrapped.

Recyclable Fixtures – While we’re best known as the Godstone area’s leading scrap metal merchant, with our East Grinstead scrap yards focusing on this aspect of the operation, we also accept scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors. So if you’re replacing fixtures or developing a part of your property, updating old or problematic items, consider arranging collection of your scrap uPVC doors and scrap uPVC windows with EGMR.

Don’t settle for a poor payout for scrap metal, scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors. Instead, visit East Grinstead Metal Recycling, just a short journey from nearby Godstone.