Choosing the Right Scrap Metal Merchant in Redhill | East Grinstead Metal Recycling

There are many scrap yards and scrap metal merchants operating throughout Surrey, meaning clients in Redhill have a decision to make when wanting to off load items like scrap copper, scrap lead, scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors. So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and settle on the right option for you? Here are a few tips on what to look for, and what to ask about when contacting your candidate.

Fair, Up-to-Date Pay-outs - Redhill residents would do well to look for scrap yards and scrap metal merchants who are enthusiastic about ensuring you get a fair, honest and up-to-date pay-out. How does a company like East Grinstead Metal Recycling ensure that? We have access to constantly updated databases that show the real time value of anything from scrap copper to scrap lead, scrap uPVC windows to scrap uPVC doors. Secondly, the option you'll best benefit from will continually invest in sophisticated weighing and grading technology, helping you squeeze out every penny you deserve due to the condition and quantity of scrap metal you've brought.

Licenced and Regulated - You could land yourself in serious hot water on the legal side of things if you decide to offload materials at any unlicensed or unregulated scrap yards or scrap metal merchants that might be lurking in or around Redhill. The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 dictates you should be bringing photo I.D, and being paid in bank transfer or by cashiers cheque. Don't risk the serious fines regularly handed out to Redhill residents who've looked to bypass this "red tape" by using unlawful agents. And if you run a business, the results could be even more disastrous.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility - Scrap yards and scrap metal merchants have a serious role to play in the world economy, and an equally crucial role to play in minimising the environmental impact of production cycles. By ensuring scrap lead, scrap copper, scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors don't simply end up in a landfill somewhere - to name just a few of the items we most commonly purchase from clients – choose a company that is vocal and proud of the steps they take to run a green operation. East Grinstead Metal Recycling - a short drive from Redhill - has a rolodex of companies which the appropriate material heads to, helping us in our commitment to ecological goals and the preservation of environs.

Have a question for our scrap metal merchants? Redhill clients can call either 01342 328 465 or 07305 925 283 to receive expert advice.