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In years gone by, the purchase and sale of scrap metal posed a serious issue for authorities. Less scrupulous operators would regularly, usually without their knowledge, find themselves paying for materials like scrap copper, scrap lead, scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors, which had been illegally sourced. Many suspected this, but would turn a blind eye.

For scrap metal merchants and scrap yards which would pride themselves on proper conduct, this murky cloud hanging over the industry was a major problem impacting their reputation. Then, in 2003, important legislation was introduced to crack down on unlawful activity, significantly hampering individuals that looked to abuse scrap yards to fence materials that didn't belong to them.

The Changing Face of the Industry

This has been fantastic for 99% of individuals and companies in the Reigate area, an area from which many clients visit us as East Grinstead Metal Recycling. So what kinds of measures do scrap yards and scrap metal merchants need to put in place to be licenced, and operate safely within the boundaries of the law? And what do they mean for you, the client?

Firstly, anyone visiting us from Reigate to offload a quantity of scrap metal - whether it be scrap copper, scrap lead, uPVC scrap windows or uPVC scrap doors, must bring and present the appropriate, valid photo I.D. We also require proof of address. This allows us to double check you are exactly who you say you are!

Secondly, payment must be made via electronic bank transfer or cheque – whatever the quantity of scrap copper, scrap lead, uPVC scrap windows or uPVC scrap doors that are being sold. If you’re in Reigate, or anywhere else in the UK, and being offered cash for scrap metal – turn it down! It could land you in serious hot water.

The other major impact that licencing scrap yards and scrap metal merchants has had, is that they are now held to strict environmental standards. This helps maximise the quantity of scrap heading onto secondary use, and prevents the use of antiquated and less ecologically sound methods of transportation, processing and sale/disposal. Green minded residents of Reigate can thus rest assured that their decision to sell scrap metal is a way of doing their part for the environment.

For a reputable, licenced scrap metal merchant with an immaculate reputation amongst Reigate residents, choose East Grinstead Metal Recycling. You can reach us on 01342 328 465 or 07305 925 283.