A Comprehensive Range of Services to Process uPVC & Scrap Metal in East Grinstead

If you’re looking to maximise your earnings from a quantity of scrap metal you’ve accrued, or other recyclable materials and fixtures like scrap uPVC doors and scrap uPVC windows you need to responsibly dispose of, visit East Grinstead Metal Recycling. As the favoured scrap metal merchant for areas including Crawley, Dorking, Godstone, Redhill and Reigate, we ensure our clients get the pay they deserve by employing sophisticated weighing and grading equipment, and actively monitoring market movements which dictate the value of scrap metal. We’re licenced waste carriers regulated by the Environment Agency, and go to great lengths to provide an exceptional standard of service, raising the bar for what’s expected of a Sussex or Surrey scrap yard.


Scrap Metal Recycling – We are fully equipped to purchase and sell ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all quantities. Whether you’re a homeowner with a small quantity of copper wiring to sell following a re-wire or renovation, or a large company looking for a long-term partner to purchase vast quantities of scrap metal accrued in the line of duty, East Grinstead Metal Recycling is the ideal option. A few examples of scrap that can be lucrative to recycle, and where you might find it, include:

  • Scrap Copper – Plumbing infrastructure, wiring, electrical components
  • Scrap Brass – Fixtures, furniture, handles, keys, plumbing infrastructure
  • Scrap Aluminium – Cans, car parts, siding
  • Scrap Lead – Weights, residues, anodes, piping
  • Scrap Steel & Stainless Steel – Cars, appliances, construction materials, kitchen equipment
  • Scrap Iron – Piping, tools, heaters

uPVC Recycling – East Grinstead Metal Recycling also purchases scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors from residents and trades around Crawley, Dorking, Godstone, Redhill and Reigate – a service not all scrap yards offer. While recycling uPVC can be less efficient than recycling materials like scrap copper and scrap lead, it is still one which can be recycled many times over without degrading in quality. This means it can head straight back into the manufacturing line, often to once again make fixtures like windows and doors!

Vehicle Collection – Have an end of life vehicle you need taken away? Your local scrap metal merchant is here to help. We can transport non-runners and older, perhaps damaged vehicles back to our scrap yard to strip down. Every sellable component or material will be accounted for, and you’ll get a generous pay-out that can be used to subsidise a replacement vehicle purchase, or whatever else you have in mind for it. Our powerful 3.5tonne HIAB trucks are ideal for this purpose, and can gather up a vehicle for transportation in a matter of minutes.

Site Clearances – Working on a development in Crawley, Dorking, East Grinstead, Godstone, Redhill or Reigate? When the times comes that it needs clearing out, pronto – give us a call. The aforementioned HIAB trucks can be used to quickly, safely rid you of all forms of salvageable scrap metal, and other items that might be on our radar, such as scrap uPVC windows and scrap uPVC doors. It will then all be taken back to our scrap yard to be carefully processed and recycled.

Choose a scrap yard that will pay fair, transparent prices for your scrap metal and uPVC. Choose East Grinstead Metal Recycling. Visit us in person, or arrange a collection on 01342 328 465 or 07305 925 283.